How to support us

We want to integrate three groups of people: 1. people with old tattoos made during their incarceration or sentence in a juvenile detention center; 2. tattoo artists and owners of tattoo saloons; 3 everyone else, who wants to support our projcet. If you’ve got a prison or juvenile detention center tattoo - please contact us at Pedagogium.

  1. If you have an old hideous or offensive tattoo from the times of your juvenile or criminal sentence and want to to alter it by transforming it into a new one - contact us at Your aplication should consist of: a) at least 2 photos of tattooed parts of your body; b) description of how, where and when the tattoo was made; c) description of your current life situation.
  1. If you are a tattoo artists or own a tattoo parlour and would like to participate in the project contact us at The participation of tattoo artists in the project is crucial: you have the talent, skills and equipment that can positively alter the lives of those in need.
  1. If you want to financially support the project, please donate any amount of money to Fundacja Pedagogium bank account: 02 62 2530 0008 2016 1050 0206 0001 (Fundacja Pedagogium is a Polish non-governmental registered under 525-23-61-929 NIP number).